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May 132014
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Honest cloth diaper reviews for parents, by parents. please enjoy this Incredibum review by Melissa from Retro Modern Melissa. *Irresistibly Green provided this diaper cover free for review. Regardless, all opinions are 100% my own and honest.

Incredibums is a small company that offers cloth diaper covers, an all-in-two, wet bags, and some accessories. I found that the incredibum bum cover tends to run a little small and that I like it best over fitted diapers. Here’s a rundown of the features of this cover.

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Double Gussets

I do like double gussets, but it’s no biggie for me if a diaper doesn’t have them. The bum cover does have them. I think gussets keep wetness from wicking onto clothes and give a snug fit around the legs, even for chubby legged babies (like my Little Man).

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Widely Spaced Waist Snaps

This is something I’m not crazy about with the incredibum bum cover. The waist snaps are in two rows and they’re staggered. Like widely staggered. On the cover I received, the snaps on the front of the diaper are spaced more widely then the snaps on the wing, causing the diaper to bunch slightly in  between. The snaps are reinforced on the front and wings with an extra layer of TPU, which is good, as that can keep the snaps from ripping through (not that I’ve ever personally had that problem yet).

Three Rise Settings

This diaper has the common three rows of rise snaps, allowing it to go (for some babies) from birth to potty training. I think it might fit an 8 lb baby, but I’m not sure. Little Man wears it on the middle rise. He’s 8 months and 19 pounds for reference.
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Two Flaps Inside

Flap lovers, rejoice, this diaper has two flaps inside! One in front and one in back. Great for laying a prefold or whatever insert underneath. These flaps have the laminate facing against the skin.


The bum cover is cut pretty full. While I think it might fit a smaller baby, it might be rather bulky. Because it’s so full cut, I think it works better over a fitted diaper, especially if you can’t get it snug enough around the waist.


Not my personal favorite, but not all diapers work for all babies. I liked it best over fitted diapers and bulky inserts. It works pretty well for nighttime, keeping the wetness and poop inside where it belongs.


Melissa is a mother of three and blogs about reviews, recipes, eco-friendly living, cloth diapering, and general family life at (Formerly Cloth Diapering Again.)

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  1. Could you add another picture of the front snaps you’re taking about?

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